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Modèle féminin avec maquillage bio

Differentiating organic and natural cosmetics

And if we talk about bio makeup? In direct contact with our skin and therefore our health, not to mention the health of our planet, we are more and more attentive to the components of cosmetics. In our shelves are multiplied the cosmetic products so-called "organic" or "natural" sowing the confusion in...

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Les conseils pour prendre soin de votre peau

Take care of your skin

Tear off your skin Psychological tensions, environmental aggression, our skin is not spared. Fortunately there are solutions to take care of them. Chronic stress is defined as a physical or psychological pressure on our body and our skin suffers. To this stress, UV, tobacco, pollution are added ...

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maquillage naturel pour tous les jours

Make-up courses for individuals

Learn to wear makeup like a professional! The makeup school IMA offers a makeup training for individuals! During a day, you will learn how to make up yourself as a true professional! You will then learn tips and tricks to make a natural beauty makeup for every day and a makeup for...

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maquillage femmes aux couleurs printannières

Spring Makeup Trends

What trends follow makeup for the spring / summer 2017 season? Spring and her inspirations begin to land on the web and on women's newspapers. The IMA make-up school reveals what will be the next successes in make-up from the front to the chin! Go for the ladies' doe eyes with the...

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