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Take care of your skin

Tear off your skin

Les conseils pour prendre soin de votre peau

Psychological tensions, environmental aggression, our skin is not spared.
Fortunately there are solutions to take care of them.

Chronic stress is defined as a physical or psychological pressure on our body and our skin suffers. To this stress, UV, tobacco, pollution are added … In short, in the face of its multiple aggressors, the skin can become drier, more irritable, duller but also age faster.

Depending on the type of stress, it is possible to react to keep your skin young and healthy.

The IMA team then delivers these tips:

1-Chronic stress:
A cream can not act on stress, but it can modulate the production of certain neuromediators with the care for sensitive skin.
For normal skin, moisturizing creams should be favored.
It is very important to be gentle with your skin and to avoid all aggressive products such as grain scrubs or fruit acid care.

2-The tensions that mark the features:
Faced with everyday stress, we sometimes tend to clench our face.
Under the repeated effect of muscular tension, the face is hollow.

Several solutions are available to you, without going through the box of the aesthetic cabinet:
-the cosmetic parade: It is not possible for a cosmetic to act on the muscles but it can target the nerve endings.
-the sensory pathway with soothing perfumes or enveloping textures, sources of pleasure.

3-The gesture that describes:
Consider always applying your creams by massaging your face.
This promotes the release of endorphins which are the molecules of well-being.

4-The Importance of Sleep:
Studies prove the influence of rest on health. Sleep is a great repairer.
Sleeping well and long enough allows you to lower this inflammation.
It is imperative to lie down and get up preferably at the same times.
This will ensure optimal anti-inflammatory effect.

5- The environment & its pollution:
Exposure to ozone, fine particles, heavy metals … is a real aggression for our skin. This is commonly referred to as oxidative stress. The skin is well made because it is equipped with a skin barrier that stops the penetration of intruders and it has a defense battery, like vitamins and antioxidants.
Unfortunately, these defenses decline with age.

For this, it is advisable to favor the creams or sprays armored antioxidants but also UV filters. Some creams even limit the adhesion of polluting particles to the skin. There are also some foundations that contain UV filters. These products are therefore to be preferred.

It is then essential to go through the “make-up removal” phase. Even if you do not make-up, clean your face meticulously every night.
Once or twice a week, treat yourself to a deeper cleaning using a brush. The massaging effect allows a micro circulation.

Your skin is fragile, and the environment can also expose it to thermal shocks such as exposure to too hot or too cold temperatures. These brutal changes can attack him … Just like the total absence of moisture or the skin will then dry out very quickly. For this, it is necessary to favor the creams over-dosed in lipids and the oils to be applied like a serum under its usual moisturizing cream.

The skin, yes but the hair is important too! There is of course a link between stress and hair loss. It is essential during these periods to promote a more rich diet of fruits and vegetables and supplement with cosmetic and anti hair loss food supplements.

At the arrival of the beautiful days, opt to relax your skin in order to prepare the summer season.