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Which makeup brush to choose?

Brushes yes … but what brushes?

pinceaux de maquillage

Who said that “make-up artist” was not a trade?
It is surprising how easily a computer scientist will create computer programs. So why not do the same by seeing with what dexterity a professional makeup artist will know how to use his makeup brushes.

As a “beginner” in terms of make-up, the result is far from what was hoped for. Between the flat brush, the beveled brush, the brush fan or the kabuki and recently the beauty blender (because the mode of beauty and make-up does not stop evolving), we do not know where to head.

In short, our school of make-up IMA gives you the list of makeup brushes and their uses for beginners in make-up or confirmed ones (a small puncture of reminder is always good for the morale)

  • The flat brush: it is used for the application of the liquid foundation.
    This brush has a high capacity to cover the skin and its rendering is uniform and smooth.
    IMA’s small make-up: soak the brush before use in a glass of lukewarm water and remove the excess water with a tissue so that the rendering can be more homogeneous.
  • The beveled brush: it is used for the application of blush or for the use of contouring.
  • The bevelled brush makes it possible to render a structured effect. It is perfect for sculpting facial features. Its beveled appearance allows precise application of powder to effect. Apply tan powder below the so-called smile line to give a “cheeked cheek” effect.
  • The Kabuki: it is used for the use of powder of complexion. The rendering of the use of Kabuki is indeed natural.
  • The fan brush: it is used for the use of illuminators, tanning powders …
    Also ideal for removing excess makeup. The weak point of this brush is that it covers little. The rendering is of a structured nature.
    The small gesture make-up IMA: we remind you of the double possible use of this brush … Indeed, side battery, it allows to deposit a little bronzing powder for example and face side, it allows to remove too much makeup Deposited on the face.
  • The Beauty Blender, the last little new in the make-up kits (we’ll dedicate an article very soon). Its rendering is natural and harmonious and modern.

Cards in hand, you can then do wonders with our little tips make-up!

With your brushes ladies !!